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6 Best Crystals For Self Love, Confidence, Acceptance

When those self-care books fail to work in favor, and you aren’t feeling the self-love that you long for, introduce yourself to the majestic world of crystals. Crystals can come to your rescue to enhance your spiritual practices and increase the vibration you have been looking for. Crystals offer a powerful way to remove blockages from our lives and make sure to boost self-love a little bit easier. 

Crystals for self-love such as Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Selenite, Opalite and Amethyst are all healing crystals that help you bring a balance in your love, energy and emotional state. 

Here, we will discuss in detail how these crystals help us increase self-love, confidence and more. By the end of this short article, we hope you will have a better understanding of the role of crystals in spiritual uplifting.

Why Should We Self-Love?

It is no denial that most people are tempted to ignore the relationship that you have with yourself. Well, it is arguably the main relationship you will have for your entire life. 

Besides, self-love is important to set the right chord with others. If you cannot have genuine compassion and love towards yourself, it is hard to show the same towards other relationships. Not only does this help to increase your vibration, but it also makes you more positive to manifest your visions and dreams. 

Though crystals are simple, their powerful healing properties help in balancing self-love and trust, emotional state of mind and energy. They also give support to your healing process and open heart chakra. 

Accordingly, this boost in the positive energy towards your own self works as a magnet for all the good things in life! The idea of loving yourself is thus extremely essential. And by choosing the right crystals, you will get a nice kickstart! 

Remember, every crystal comes with its own distinctive properties, which are perfect for promoting self-love! For your reference, here is a list of different benefits offered by healing crystals, along with the best crystals for dealing with them.

Crystals That Promote Confidence And Self-love

As there are many crystals that promote confidence out there in the market, these few are by no means the sole crystals that connect to boost confidence.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz for self love confidence happiness

Self-love is like a bonus that you get with confidence. Why? This is because without having love for yourself, can there be confidence? 

Both self-love and confidence are indeed inherently linked with each other. 

Rose quartz is among the most popular crystals mainly because of its eye-catching, beautiful pink color. This stone has a close link with the heart chakra and promotes unconditional love for not only others but also one’s own self.

Moreover, this all-around crystal is great to boost confidence. Rose quartz assists in the practice of true self-love and compassion regardless of whether there is an imperfection or 

perceived flaws!


Amazonite crystal for self love

Amazonite is a common crystal used to bring serenity to your life. It is a crystal that promotes rays of hope and prosperity. Aligned with both the Heart Chakra and the Throat chakra, this crystal helps to boost your self-confidence and enhance courage. In addition, it also puts a halt in your courage and confidence from decreasing.

Crystals Help With Happiness And Self Love

Amethyst crystal for self love
Amethyst crystal

Self-love goes hand in hand with the process of healing. Thus, to understand and increase true love for yourself, it is important to practice forgiveness, empathy and self-care. All these are not very tough to gain with the help of self-love crystals.

Below are some of the common crystals that are best to use during spiritual practices. When you hold it in your hand or place it on your body or keep it in your office or home, these spiritual crystals connect the wearer or the keeper to the healing power of mother Earth. Consequently, it helps to gain happiness, balance, protection, relaxation, love and creativity. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is said to be beneficial for gaining self-love. Since it’s an emotional crystal, rose quartz brings unconditional love for others and yourself. Plus, the crystal has a light pink appearance with some natural forming patterns that offers a beautiful look.

Moreover, this beautiful pink stone has a close association with the Heart chakra. So, it is not only ideal for boosting self-love but also bringing in love. 

Rose quartz is a popular crystal that works wonders to gain love and affection for yourself and increase your comfort level. So, it is a significant amulet of every relationship, especially with your own. It brings subtle energy of tenderness, comfort, nourishment and compassion. Thus, it is an important crystal to fade sensitive wounds and attract and intensify any intimate relationship.

Rose quartz will help to reconnect you with the desires of your soul and cultivate love.


Appearing in rich purple color, Amethyst is the tranquilizer of nature. Hence, the crystal offers a soothing effect on the mind.

From earlier times, Amethyst has been useful to prevent bad habits and any exorbitance. It is exceptionally helpful for people who want to quit all types of addiction. Its ability to invoke balance results in enhancing joy, happiness and self-love.

Crystals Good For Self Love And Acceptance

 Opalite crystal for self love
Opalite crystals

When you feel like things are getting more difficult or going through a harsh phase of your life, it may seem hard to move ahead in life and have acceptance.

Moving ahead isn’t easy all the time, but you can take baby steps to heal your emotional wounds by acceptance. Acceptance is essentially the first step to finding harmony and happiness in life. Besides, the meaning of self-love is to accept and embrace yourself wholeheartedly. It is to know what you are and your worth and value. 

Crystals like rose quartz, opalite, labradorite, etc., can assist you to overcome your lower self-worthiness and motivate you to believe that you deserve everything best that life offers.

Rose Quartz

It is a stone of love and attraction. It helps to heal old wounds and fill the heart with love. Again, you trust and have faith in love and benevolence.

Rose quartz comes with a melting effect on suspicion and mistrust and opens your heart to feel the abundance of love again. It is not just about romance and love, but also family, friends, self-love and divine love.

So, if you are on a journey of life that is full of bitterness, tiredness or pessimism, rose quartz can help you release your old hurts and bring back the lost trust in life.


Opalite is a highly energetic crystal, perfect for meditation. It helps to improve and heightens spiritual communication to another level.

Opalite is a stunning, sky-blue colored crystal that eliminates blockage of positive energy. Emotionally, it offers immense strength to accept things as it is and aligns chakras with yourself. Therefore, it is often referred to as the modern healer due to its inherent spirit of hope, optimism and youth.

For people who are looking for healing crystals, opalite is ideal. It will remind you to enjoy youth, accept things and look towards the brighter side of your life. Plus, it allows you to enjoy the little joys of life.

Crystals Good For Self Love And Healing

Lepidolite crystals for self love healing
Lepidolite crystals

Crystals are one of the natural solutions for healing that has been there for many centuries. Every healing crystal is unique and has its own distinct healing benefits.

Healing crystals are best for people who want to bring balance and improve their lives. Here we are listing some famous healing crystals that can help you increase self-love by healing your sufferings.


Amethyst is one of the popular crystals that offer healing properties. Its striking pinkish-purple tone never fails to attract the eyes. It is a mineral composition of Silicon Dioxide known for developing self-love and value of your own.

This pretty master healer has links with the Crown chakra and the Third eye chakra, both of which helps in aligning you with your high value. Plus, it encourages spiritual exploration and heals the bitter past. 

When you begin to grow in the spiritual life, you simultaneously shut the door for negative energies, worthlessness, embarrassment. Contrary to this, it opens a way for filling your heart with self-love!

Amethyst, thus, helps you to resolve conflicts, forgive and create a way to move forward. Amethyst plugs in love, light, joy, spirit and compassion on this path. Furthermore, it reduces anxiety, stress, depression and protects against cynical vibration.


Lepidolite, also known as the rebirth stone, appears in vibrant purple color. It has a chemical composition of silicates and aligns with all the chakras. The benefits of this healing stone are vast. From helping you attain a calming state of mind, releasing blockages and improving concentration to beating insomnia, depression and emotional turmoil, Lepidolite does it all.

Crystals Help With Anxiety And Self Love

Selenite crystal for self love
Selenite crystal

If you are aware of the potential benefits of crystals, you would know that there is at least one crystal for every need. You can use crystals to protect yourself from negative energies, heal emotional wounds like a broken heart or bring tranquillity in a stressful life.

Crystals release positive energies that prevent the rise of anxiousness, nervousness or stress. They are amazing for keeping you grounded and developing connections to yourself. Having crystals that work to reduce anxiety and develop self-love is the best you can do for yourself.


Selenite is an extremely powerful crystal that can even purify other crystals. Often an anxious mind keeps you awake all night and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Selenite helps to release tension, reduce your anxiety, and pave the way for self-love. If you cannot sleep soundly, place this crystal on the bedside table and let the wonder happen! Selenite benefits in relieving your nerves and prevents nightmares from coming up in your dreams.


It is known to be a natural tranquilizer. It is good to use Amethyst when dealing with stress and anxiety. Amethyst crystals are said to release negativity and gloominess from life.

Appears in striking purple color, it aligns with the crown chakra that is related to inner peace and gaining spiritual awareness.


Sapphire is one of the best crystals to detoxify your body and soul. This is a crystal that helps you to attune to your elevated self. It brings peace into life and promotes well-being. Moreover, if you are dealing with insomnia, keep sapphire beside your bed for better results.

Crystals For Self Love And Motivation

crystal hearts

If you are always low in energy, it can make your life standstill. You may have some ambitions and aspirations in life but can’t find any motivation that stimulates the energy to help you go. People in such situations feel trapped and fail to come out of it or change it. For example, you may go through the following:

  • Low physical strength
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Lack of goals and purpose

If you find yourself in similar situations, the best crystal is Amazonite.


Amazonite assists in bringing harmony and truth to the limelight and allows one to understand different points of view without emotion. It apparently motivates to clarify confusion and inner conflicts. This stunning bluish-green colored crystal gives hope relief from stress, anxiety and depression. It helps you to love yourself and practice meditation.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful pink crystal with a subtle shimmer. This crystal offers all the feminine energy and promotes self-love.

This pretty crystal helps to heal your heart and encourage it, nourish it to become more confident. So, if you lack motivation and self-love due to loss of willpower, use rose quartz and sense the love that is there deep in your heart and courage to grab success.

Final Thought

When struggling to deal with a life full of anxiety, depression, and worthlessness, turn your head towards healing crystals. Healing crystals are one of the sought-after ways to pull yourself out of depression. They come in different varieties and serve purposes, including healing, increasing self-love and building a life without anxiety and stress. 

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