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20 Good Boyfriend Birthday Gifts Ideas

Surprising your loved ones with thoughtful birthday gifts not only makes them feel loved, but it also shows how you listened and observed them closely to know what they want. Unwrapping a birthday gift is one of the most exciting feelings ever. Don’t you agree?

When it comes to your boyfriend, we can only advise you to be extra thoughtful! If it is not something that he can use, your gift may be just lying in a corner or inside a drawer for the rest of his life. You surely don’t want that!

Here we are to help you with a list of good boyfriend birthday gift ideas:

good gift ideas for him

7 best and perfect birthday gifts that all men will love it

No matter what your man’s preferences are, some gifts are evergreen, and the idea of gifting it to them will never fail. Here’s a list:


A watch as a gift will serve two purposes; firstly, it will obviously display the time; secondly, whenever your boyfriend checks the time on his watch, it will be a constant reminder to him that it’s a gift from you and he will think of you. There are many affordable brands with temporary, vintage, classy, cool, or funky designs available in the stores or online. If you have saved enough, you could consider gifting a multipurpose smartwatch too.


Boys love their toys. Even as they grow older, their fantasy of owning gadgets never really goes away. Funky headsets, loud Bluetooth speakers, wireless earphones, smartphones (maybe an upgrade to iPhone if they are using Android), grooming kits, camera, or camera lens if they like photography, and the list of gadgets is endless.


We have all seen how men will take ages (or probably never) to upgrade their wallets and buy a new one. It’s almost like they wait for the time when somebody will gift it to them. So, here’s your chance! If you notice your boyfriend uses a decade-old, almost torn kind of a purse, it’s time to gift him a new one. Although leather wallets are an ultimate choice when it comes to wallets, if you think your boyfriend is more quirky-types, gift him a cool designed one!


If your boyfriend is a hoarder of perfumes or, on the contrary, only uses deodorants, gifting him a perfume will be ideal! Perfumes are available for trials at stores and are sold at various price ranges. If your boyfriend is the wild type, choose a perfume with a strong fragrance. If he is the sweet type, maybe a smooth fragrance will be more suitable for him.


Be it travel accessories like trolley bags, eye masks, neck pillows, or gym accessories like a yoga mat, Fitbit bands, weights/dumbbells, or everyday accessories such as laptop bags, corporate bags, shoes, and others, there are a plethora of accessories’ options when it comes to men.


If your boyfriend has a fetish for shoes, consider gifting him a pair of sneakers. There are so many types available. Choose one from the trendiest options available now–Plimsollsneakers, slip-on sneakers, athletic sneakers, classic canvas Converse sneakers, high-top sneakers, denim sneakers, printed sneakers, or knitted sneakers!

Game products

Most boys are a fan of gaming consoles. If your boyfriend is a fan of gaming, consider gifting him products related to gaming. Be it a PlayStation set, or a gaming keyboard, or gaming mouse or gaming headphones, or gaming mat, or a gaming desk, a wide list of gaming items are available in the market.

4 Romantic birthday gifts to melt his heart

 Romantic birthday gifts to melt his heart

Casual t-shirt

Gift him a t-shirt with a quote that you truly mean. Something as simple as “the best boyfriend on earth.” It will surely make him blush.

Love pillow

A heart-shaped pillow for his couch or his bed is an excellent idea to showcase your love.

Couple keychains

This idea is again evergreen. Made of stainless steel, couple keychains generally have the idea of being incomplete by themselves. One is meant to be kept by you, the other by your boyfriend. The design will be complete only when you two place the keyrings together.

A photo frame

This is another classic that will never go wrong when it comes to gifts. You can consider gifting him a wooden photo frame with a cute photo of you two, or just his photo with a special message embedded for him in the frame.

3 Cute and funny birthday gifts to make him smile

3 Cute and funny birthday gifts to make him smile

Gift him skincare products

Men will find it cute and thoughtful cause they are generally reluctant to invest in their skin. On the flip side, if he follows a skincare routine, he would love it.


Who said only girls like scented candles? These magical candles can set the right mood, and you can enjoy a cozy birthday night together. How cute!

Printed boxers

Get him a pair of boxers with his favorite cartoon printed on them. He will surely find them cute, don’t you think?

3 Unique and creative birthday gifts to surprise him

Unique and creative birthday gifts to surprise him

Book a luxurious stay

This would need some well-advanced planning and budgeting, but this could be the best gift! Browse travel websites to look for couple packages for a luxurious stay at some nearby beach destination or hill station.

Make a movie montage

Ask all his friends, cousins, and friends (if you are in touch with them, obviously) and ask them to create short videos/clips where they would all talk about a fond or embarrassing memory (or both) about your boyfriend. Edit to stitch them all together, add a music clip, and gift it to him.

Turn into a chef

If you’re a girlfriend who doesn’t cook/never cook for her boyfriend, his birthday could be the day when you turn into his in-house chef! Cook him his favorite meals and surprise him. Have a candlelight dinner, maybe?

3 Homemade and DIY gift ideas

Handmade items are always the winners because they require a lot of effort and thoughts to create a gift. Here’s a list of some DIY ideas:

Homemade candles

Lookup a YouTube video and make candles with shapes and fragrances of your choice to gift your boyfriend

Handmade cards

How old is your boyfriend going to be? Make that many handmade cards and write a special and unique message in each one of them. The common topic could be the reason why you love him so much.

Pop up photo box

Create a catalog of your favorite memories in the form of photos and put it in a small square box. Your boyfriend can keep this close to him even when he’s traveling!

Wrapping up

We hope you liked our gifting ideas! We are sure your boyfriend will be in awe of the gift(s), considering it will come from YOU. To end it, we would say,

“Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift”

–Aretha Franklin.

We wish you two all the happiness in the world! 

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