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10 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Baby Boys and Girls

The birth of a newborn brings along happiness. Not only the parents-to-be but their family and friends also feel ecstatic.

Do you have a couple in your close circle who recently announced their pregnancy? Then you must be happy for them. But the biggest challenge comes in the form of choosing a gift.

When you plan to attend their baby shower, you may want to choose a perfect gift. After all, you’d want to surprise them with something that is useful yet within your budget.

Still unsure what to choose to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby girl/boy? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are some gift ideas you can choose from when you have to attend a baby shower party.

10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Buy for Girls/Boys for Parents-To-Be

Ready for our list of gift ideas for baby boys/girls? Or do you want to get something for the parents-to-be? Then here we go!

Baby Shower Gifts When You Don’t Know the Gender

Not every parent-to-be reveals the baby’s gender before they are born. So, what can you do to choose a suitable gift?

When you don’t know the gender, it’s best to go for gender-neutral gifts. Get cool items babies would need. And don’t stereotype by staying away from pink or blue colored clothes or other items.

You can consider getting a wearable sleep sack in neutral colors.Or how about a diaper changing pad? Baby onesies, rocking chairs, or babyproofing items such as electric outlet covers and corner covers can also suit the occasion.

Baby Blankets/Mats

Little babies feel cold and uncomfortable often. So, get them a luxury blanket set that would keep them warm. It may be even better to put the effort into getting custom blankets for the baby.

Baby blankets are available in different styles. You should consider getting stylish swaddle blankets for added comfort. It’ll keep them warm and offer peace of mind to new parents.

Aside from that, parents would need changing mats to easily change diapers. So, getting a travel changing mat would work wonders.

Baby Loungers, Swings, and Bassinets

A comfortable bassinet or crib plays a crucial role in ensuring that the baby enjoys quality sleep. So, look into good quality and safe bassinets with a soft mattress.

When parents are working, they may place the infant in an infant lounger. This way, they can supervise the baby while handling chores. So, choosing a lounger as a baby shower gift may be a good idea.

Further, babies enjoy spending time on swings or bouncers. The movement makes them happy and parents enjoy listening to their giggles. So, choose a baby bouncer or swing suitable for newborns.

Baby Strollers and Baby Carrier

Babies need extra care and support when moved around. During the first few years, parents may use a sturdy yet soft baby carrier to carry them in style.

Do you want to get a baby carrier for the occasion? Then look for a product that is suitable for the baby. Also, it should keepparents comfortable when they wear it.

As babies get older, they outgrow carriers. This is when parents switch to baby strollers. It helps them take the baby on walks with ease. So, you can also add a baby stroller to the list of potential gift options for baby showers.

Baby Feeding Tools

Babies usually start semi-solid and solid foods by the age of six months on average. It’s a challenging task for new parents to feed them without creating a mess. Fortunately, there are many innovative feeding tools available that can help them out.

For this purpose, baby feeding sets prove to be great gifts. Baby bibs and wipes are a must. Also, you can select child-friendly bowls, cutlery, and lunchboxes. Many brands offer feeding tools such as OXO roll-up bibs, Babybjörn dinner set, and UpwardBaby dishwasher-safe crumb catcher.

Books and Toys

Babies often get attracted by colorful and flashy items that make a sound. So, get them toys that can keep them engaged and happy. Baby rattles or toys with flashing lights and music can be your go-to options.

You can opt for stuffed plush animals and other sensory toys safe for babies. Also, have you considered buying baby bath toys? Bath ducks can make their bath time more fun.

Books are suitable gifts too since they are fun and develop cognitive skills.

Baby Teethers & Pacifiers

Babies start growing teeth at age of around 3 months. This is when they may try to put everything they can hold in their mouth to get rid of itching.

So, gift the parents-to-be some pacifiers and teethers for babies. They are safe for newborns and soothe them. They may also help babies comfortably fall asleep.

Diapering, Bathing, and Grooming

The parents-to-be would need a huge supply of baby diapers for a few years. How about you choose a gift that can serve the purpose?

Instead of boring diapers, choose a stylish set of diapers. When you browse Amazon or a local store, you may find creative designs such as diapers packed as a cake, sushi platter, and more. They are suitable for a baby shower. You can also accompany them with a diaper organizer bag.

Another great idea is to go for a baby grooming kit. It caninclude baby healthcare and bath products such as shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. You can also add grooming items safe for babies like an electric nail trimmer, comb, and toothbrush as a bonus.

Great, Cheap, and Meaningful DIY Gifts

Are you a crafty person? Then you can show your love by presenting a handmade gift instead of buying expensive items.

It can be a hand-woven sweater, a toy you made yourself, DIY burp rags, diaper rash salve, or other custom-made items.

Perfect Gifts for Parents-to-be

Happy family with their first child

Pregnancy isn’t an easy time. Once the baby is born, the new parents often have to give up on their sleep and things they used to enjoy to care for the newborn. So, they deserve appreciation.

Do you want to treat the parents-to-be to gifts? Then here are some unique ideas you may find helpful:• Herbal tea with calming effects• Book a family photo session• Photo album• A pair of soft robes• Soft slippers• Cross-body bag• Phone holder stand• Gift card for a relaxing day at a spa• Gift card for a romantic date• Meal subscription service/Frozen meals

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Baby Keepsake Box

First-time parents love the idea of baby keepsake boxes. It helps them store and organize memories of their little ones. So, save them the hassle of buying one and gift them a beautiful keepsake box as a baby shower gift.

It can be a big box with shelves to sort baby items. For instance, parents can keep shoes and clothes the baby wore for the first time. Or it can store footprints and handprints of the infant.Also, they may use it to keep sonogram, pictures, birthday cards, and precious memories.

They would appreciate such a well-thought gift!

Gift Cards

Most baby shower guests put in the thought to choose gifts the new parents would find useful. But parents-to-be still need to spend on some essential items.

Do you want to help them out with this expenditure? Then nothing works better than gift cards!

Amazon – the go-to online shopping platform can help you with the task. You can get a gift card worth anywhere between $10 and $2,000. This way, you can choose a gift card that is suitable for the occasion without breaking the bank.

Aside from buying gift cards from Amazon sellers, you can also opt for cards from popular stores such as Target, Gap, and other brands. Parents can make the most of this gift card to buy items the baby would need.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mum: Pregnancy-Safe Skincare

The Mum-to-be would certainly be joyous to welcome their baby. But they also experience health problems along the way. So, why don’t you cheer them up with gifts that can make it easier for them to transition to the new lifestyle?

During this stage, it’s common for new parents to focus on the well-being of their baby. So, choose something with which they are reminded to take care of themselves too.

Mothers tend to face discomfort during the recovery phase. So, nutrient-rich belly oils can help them soothe the pain. Aside from that, they may need skin care items such as cleansers, refreshing face masks, sunscreen, moisturizers, and creams to take care of their skin.

But opt for brands that offer pregnancy-safe skincare products. This may include BeautyCounter, the Spoiled Mana, Belli Skincare, and more.

It’s also a good idea to get a neck pillow or a big pregnancy pillow for added comfort.


A baby shower is a great occasion to celebrate the upcoming arrival of babies. But you may struggle to find an amazing gift for the party. If there’s a wishlist, then you can easily make your choice. But if there’s no such list, then our above list is your go-to option.

So, what do you plan to buy for the event?

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