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7 Good Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

You can go for a pair of beautiful shoes, or get her the art supplies she loves so much, or maybe plan a fun date evening at breakout escape room bangalore. There are many choices. But the very important thing here is to pick something that can show her that you love and appreciate her. In this article, we will share the 7 best gift ideas for your girlfriend’s upcoming birthday. Stay tuned with us to learn more!  

1. Thoughtful birthday gifts: Makeup Mirror  

While buying makeup items for your girlfriend can be the trickiest affair that you would ever get into, buying a makeup mirror is a safe bet.  

Out of the several different kinds of makeup mirrors available in the market, you can opt for one with a touch sensor in it. This touch sensor that is built into the mirror will allow her to control the amount of lighting based on her needs. Often these mirrors come with the option of opening up in three folds with built-in magnification features.  

If your girlfriend loves to do her makeup each time you two go out, getting her a makeup mirror is the best idea!  

2.Romantic birthday gifts: Etch your love story 

Everyone loves reading love stories. But how many get to read their own one? On your girlfriend’s forthcoming birthday, work on enumerating your own love story on paper, giving it the form and feel of just the way it happened. Start with how you two crossed paths and gradually move on to how both of you fell in love with each other. End your story with the present times, describing how much you love her and how you envision your future with her. 

In between your story, you can stick a few pictures of you two and even paste a couple of memoirs (like the tickets of the first movie you two went to or something similar). Make sure you write this story in a good notebook which you can give to your girlfriend on her birthday.  She will definitely love this unique, cute and creative birthday gifts.

3. Great birthday gifts: Air pods 

If your girlfriend likes the beat and loves to plug in her earphones for a little music, gifting her air pods can be a good option. Gone are the days of wired accessories. Now is the age of wireless electronic gadgets. So, update your girlfriend to the present trends in the market by gifting her a pair of good-quality air pods. If you are looking for the best ones for your girlfriend’s iPhone, choose the Apple AirPods Pro. These are ranked as the best wireless AirPods to go with your iPhone.  

If you are looking for something a little pocket-friendly, you can choose from the several other companies that have come up with their AirPods (like BoAt and others). Most AirPods come with quick charging and many other attractive features that your girlfriend will surely love. So, grab them while the trend is still on!   

4. Last minute birthday gift: Kindle Paperwhite 

If your girlfriend loves to read books and can’t get enough of her obsession with them, gift her a Kindle Paperwhite. While books might often be heavy to carry around, the Kindle Paperwhite comes with a sleek and lightweight design, contributing to its utility.  

With a bright screen display and a lot of storage, this will make her smile the biggest on her birthday this year. Even more exciting is that it is waterproof and can be integrated with Audible to listen to audiobooks too!  

5. Cool birthday gifts: The Friends Apartment LEGO set 

Does your girlfriend tune into F.R.I.E.N.D.S. whenever she is free and has lost count of the number of times she has watched it? Well then, look no further and get her the Friends Apartment LEGO set without fail. From her favorite characters like Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, and Joey, to the all-time favorite apartment, let it come alive through this LEGO set.  

The set even includes certain iconic and memorable props from the show like Mr. Braverman’s cheesecake, Phoebe’s dollhouse, and others. This LEGO set is bound to make your girlfriend feel the rush of nostalgia as she starts assembling the pieces.  She will definitely love this creative gift.

6. Surprise gifts: Wine delivery 

If wine happens to be your girlfriend’s favorite drink, this is your best choice. Just like your ordinary food delivery service, there is something like a wine delivery service too! For your wine-loving girlfriend, this can be the most thoughtful gift that you can ever fathom.  

You can choose from several agencies like Firstleaf, which work to deliver beautifully carved wine boxes to their customers. These wine boxes are mostly personalized and convenient to avail. So, based on your girl’s tastes, gift her a box of wine bottles on her next birthday.   

7. Personalized birthday gifts: Wristwatch 

Does your girlfriend ever get out of the house without a wristwatch strapped to her wrist? If not, then gifting her an embellished wristwatch for her forthcoming birthday can be a good idea.  

From a rose gold stainless steel watch, a silver-tone watch to a casual stainless steel and leather dress watch, the variety of options is probably endless. So, based on your knowledge of your girlfriend’s tastes and what kind of watches you generally find her to wear, you can select a suitable one for her birthday! 


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These are some of the most thoughtful birthday gift ideas that will surely sweep your girlfriend off her feet. Remember to add personal touches to the gifts, no matter which option you go for, to ensure it represents something meaningful and worth remembering. 

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