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Talking, Dating & Relationship: What are the Differences?

Healthy relationships are the key to a peaceful and happy life. You want to find the perfect partner who stays with you through thick and thin. They should support you during challenging times and you can spend quality time with each other.

But how would you know a person would prove to be your perfect partner? For this purpose, you’d have to spend time with them. So, before you get into a serious relationship, you may want to learn about their likes and dislikes and lifestyle. This is when the stages of talking and dating come into the picture!

Talking vs Dating vs Relationship

Talking vs Dating vs Relationship

Many people get confused with the modern-day terms for romantic relationships. And it’s perfectly fine. We are here to help you clear this confusion!

Is Talking Considered a Relationship?

Generally, before you begin a relationship, you want to get to know the person you like. During this phase, you can determine whether or not both of you would be a good fit for each other.This phase is referred to as talking and you get into a relationship once you and your partner are sure of your feelings.

The talking phase isn’t considered a relationship since you aren’t exclusive. You may talk to multiple people without any expectations. And once you find your Mr. or Ms. Right, then you can start dating with mutual consent.

What Does Just Talking Mean in a Relationship?

Did you know Talking is considered the pre-dating stage?

The Talking stage is the initial period when you want to communicate with your prospective partners. Whether it’s through video calls, texting, or in-person chatting, your entire focus is on talking. You may spend hours texting each other about different topics and wait anxiously for their response.

When you’re “Just Talking”, you aren’t usually dating and aren’t in an exclusive relationship either. So, you can learn more about their preferences with no strings attached.

How Long Should You Talk Before Dating?

There is no hard and fast rule about how long the talking phase should last and when a couple should declare they are dating. Don’t you agree?

You can talk to a person for months without the certainty of your feelings. On the other hand, you may get the feeling the other person would be the right partner within a week or so. On average, people usually talk for around 2 months before they decide whether they should begin dating.

Casual Dating vs Serious Relationships

Picture this.

You may meet an attractive person while you’re out with your friends. You may have a brief chat with them and hit it off. So, you’d decide to exchange numbers. After talking for a few weeks, they may ask you out and you begin dating. Does this casual dating mean you’re in a relationship?

Many couples confuse casual dating with serious relationships. Consequently, they set unrealistic expectations from each other and ruin their relationship. You don’t want that, right?

So, let’s explore the difference between both terms.

What Does Casual Dating Mean to a Guy?

Casual dating begins when you have good chemistry with a person you met or talked to on the internet. You may decide to go on dates where you can talk about your interests, activities, and ambitions. Dating is usually the next phase after Talkingsince it involves some degree of emotional attachment.

When you’re dating, you are cautious of what you say to your partner. You may think twice before speaking since you don’t want to seem foolish and leave a positive impression. Also, the struggle of dealing with awkward silence is real when you just begin dating someone.

The idea of casual dating is quite different for men and women.

When a guy suggests casual dating, it often means he doesn’t want to commit to a serious relationship. Rather, he wants friends with benefits and may decide to meet other women simultaneously. Also, it’s likely that he won’t introduce you to his family or close friends when you’re just casually dating them. Unless you’re ready for this setting, you may get hurt. So, make sure you know what it means to casually date a guy.

Do Casual Relationships Ever Turn Serious?

When it comes to casual dating, you and your partner don’t commit to exclusive dating. But is it possible that a casual relationship would turn into a serious relationship?

We bet you are eager to find the answer!

It’s absolutely possible to get into a serious relationship after casually dating a guy for some time. You enjoy physical intimacy and get to learn about the habits of your partner during dates. So, it’s not uncommon to fall for them if they are attentive and caring.

Many casual relationships turn into serious relationships. But for that, you should go with the flow and enjoy dates. Once you have a good feeling and the timing is right, you can discuss going official. That would certainly help you have a good time and may save you from heartbreak.

Can You Date Without Being in a Relationship?

Yes, it’s actually possible to date someone without being in a relationship. In fact, couples date each other for around 2 months before becoming official. But the period of dating may vary for every couple.

When you date someone without getting into a relationship, you don’t have many expectations from them. But your partner may get serious if you don’t communicate your intentions beforehand. So, make sure you communicate to them that you aren’t looking for a serious commitment to avoid hurting their feelings.

Exclusive Dating vs Relationship

The terms exclusive dating and relationship are often used interchangeably. But that’s not the right thing to do. You may exclusively date a person without beginning a new relationship.

But before you get into a relationship with your partner, you may want to make sure you’re ready. So, look out for the following signs:• Your hobbies and lifestyle complement each other• You are serious about your feelings• You have good communication• You feel comfortable in their presence• You don’t feel the need to have secrets from your partner

What does Exclusive Mean to a Guy?

The dating phase offers the opportunity to meet people and get to know each other. You may go on dates with different people to see your options. But you may decide to be exclusive when the right person comes across.

The idea of exclusive dating may be different for some people. As a general rule, you and your partner would decide to date only each other. But what about using dating apps?

Make sure you discuss with them if it’s okay to have active profiles on dating sites when you become exclusive. It’s likely that your partner would want to stay away from these options too. But a clear discussion is the key to avoiding miscommunication.

Is Dating Exclusively the Same as a Relationship?

Exclusive dating doesn’t necessarily mean you are in a relationship. Dating helps you talk to each other and get to know about life choices. But you won’t see other people during this phase.

So, when you are sure it’s the right time, you can go official and get into a relationship. This is when you would declare each other boyfriend/girlfriend.

How do I Know if We are Exclusively Dating?

While some people verbally declare they want to exclusively date their partner, it’s not always the case. When you’re confused, look for the following signs and you would know you and your partner are exclusively dating each other:1. Public display of affection isn’t a problem2. You have met his friends and he has met yours3. He rushes for your help whenever you need him4. You go out on dates without worrying about anything5. Both of you share each other’s pictures on social media accounts6. You plan about future with each other7. You find time for each other despite the hectic routine

How long It Takes for a Relationship to be Exclusive?

While you may be tempted to begin an exclusive relationship asap, it’s not a good idea. You may ruin your chances at a healthy relationship if you rush things. So, take your time and know more about each other before you become official. After all, you don’t want to regret it later!

The time it takes for a relationship to be exclusive isn’t the same for everyone. However, the general rule is to date for 1-3 months before declaring an exclusive relationship.


All in all, building romantic relationships takes sincere efforts and good intentions. You may talk to them before dating and then declare you are official once you and your partner start to understand each other.

The ride isn’t always smooth. But you can make it work once you find a good person who is compatible with you.

Now, do you know the difference between talking, dating, and relationships? Feel free to share your feedback or questions in the comments section!

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