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Safe and Fun Date Night Ideas

While online dating is fast becoming the trend with the new generation, when it comes to getting to know one another, nothing still beats an in-person date.  But with physical distancing regulations and the pandemic at hand, it is also important to keep safety in mind. But how do I combine both? 

To help you out in these tricky waters, we have listed various date ideas for you! From visiting Mystery Rooms Bangalore to wine tasting to taking a cooking class together- all the options are sure to take your lovely quality time together to the next level. 

Let’s dig in! 

Safe and fun things to do for date night

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Escape room 

Various escape room brands provide virtual and in-person escape room adventures. They are a safer pandemic alternative if done in person since you just share the room with the individuals in your group. 

To “escape” a themed room, participants must solve puzzles and collect clues. In escape rooms, you share an experience where you are working together, doing something pleasant that needs collaboration, and making room for a post-experience talk. 

Enter your location into the escape room finder to discover a virtual or in-person escape room. 

Tennis date  

On a first date, doing an outside activity is one of the most acceptable ways to get to know someone. Pickleball, Ultimate Frisbee, a trek in the woods, or a stroll along a picturesque road are all excellent options. 

Move your first date to the tennis court if you’re seeking more than simply a person’s life story. Even novices who have never picked up a racket may enjoy this socially isolated sport. A tennis date is energetic, exciting, and a terrific opportunity to learn about someone’s competitive character. 

It encourages people to talk. Also, tennis is a sport that has been linked to a higher life expectancy. 

A night picnic

Maybe you’re allergic to crowded restaurants and can’t bear going on another first date there. You may plan a quiet picnic date with your significant other.  

Each person prepares a picnic lunch for the other on this day, and then you swap. This may be amusing if you don’t know each other’s tastes yet, or it can be specially customized to your date’s interests if you discuss them beforehand. 

If you’re not the culinary type, follow a few picnic safety rules to keep the food germ-free or order takeout. 

Culinary date  

Don’t let the pandemic keep you from taking a culinary class you’ve always wanted to attend. 

Even digitally, taking a virtual cooking lesson with a chef may be a thrilling experience. Make a Google search for online cooking lessons and see what you and your date would like. It may be refining sauces, preparing handmade pizzas, or crafting the ideal dessert. 

There is no need to go to extremes, however. Plan ahead and purchase the same food to prepare together if you’re cooking online. Alternatively, choose a dish you both like and prepare it while FaceTiming. 

Activities that are unfamiliar to you  

What if your first date’s sole criteria were that you both do something you’ve never done before? Dating someone who has never tried new hobbies opens the person up to new things and allows you to watch how they respond. 

A rodeo, batting cages, golfing, and other activities where you can laugh and tease each other have been among his date trips. 

Play a game  

Do you remember show-and-tell from elementary school? In the Zoom session, daters may offer a few objects that best symbolize their personalities or lifestyles and discuss them. It’s unlikely that the conversation will come to a halt, and it can also be done in person. 

You may also play the game of “two truths and a lie.” You give your date two real things about yourself and one untruth. The conversation follows as your date attempts to figure out the deception, allowing you to discover more about the other person in a playful manner. 

Other game suggestions? Try summarizing your life in five emojis and letting the other person interpret them. You can always play Words With Friends during the Zoom call if you’re not sure. 

Create a book club  

Reading the same book enables you to have in-depth discussions on topics. Books may be a terrific way to unwind and see each other’s intellectual sides as you discuss the characters or substance of whatever you’ve decided to read. 

Many small bookshops and coffee shops in the region host a variety of readings by local authors and poets, ensuring an exciting date night. 


Late at night, go out into the backyard and put out a blanket. Other than that, all you have to do is glance up. Stargazing will remind you that your daily struggles are little in comparison to the immensity of the cosmos. 

Organize a Board Game Night  

The most incredible thing about board games is that they’re entirely unplugged, making them perfect for an at-home date night. They imply that no phones, TVs, or laptops will disturb your time together—and sometimes, the most incredible date night is the one without them. Bring out the board games, the beverages and snacks, and the candles, and you’ll be astonished at how much fun you can have. 


Just because you aren’t going out doesn’t mean your date night has to consist of watching Netflix and getting takeout week after week. Try one of these suggestions to make your time at home seem more interesting if you need to renew your romantic routine. 

Watching an orchestra or taking a dancing lesson together are other excellent extraordinary occasion date ideas. There are a plethora of methods to demonstrate your affection for your partner. It may be visiting the location of your first date or selecting records to listen to romantic love songs together.  

This list offers an excellent date choice for you and your sweetheart now that going out and about is more practical. These amusing ideas will appeal to any couple, regardless of their location. 

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