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Enhancing Intimacy – How to Help Your Partner Experience Squirting

Squirting is a great way to spice up sex and enhance intimacy. But getting your partner to squirt requires tight pressure on the pelvic region, deep action from the fingers or sex toys, and arousal from clitoral stimulation.

Prioritizing open communication, and building emotional intimacy and trust in the relationship can help overcome obstacles to intimacy and sexual passion.

Make Specific Requests

Many people think sex is the most essential element of intimacy, but it’s not just about pleasure. It’s also about building a bond of mutual respect and understanding. This is called emotional intimacy, and it’s a crucial part of any relationship.

To create this intimacy, you must talk openly and honestly with your partner about what you want. This can be as simple as telling them you’d like to spend more time talking and listening to each other, or it can be more specific, such as making a plan for an occasional date night where you can focus on each other.

Another great way to increase emotional intimacy is to show your partner how much you appreciate them and what they do for you. It’s easy to take these things for granted as the daily grind of family life takes over, but letting your partner know how much you care about them and that you value their contributions will help keep them close.

You can also create intellectual intimacy by reading together and discussing meaningful topics, such as politics, religion, or philosophy. For example, the first time you and your partner stayed up all night debating a philosophical argument was an experience that bonded you as a couple, and you can replicate this feeling by regularly engaging in these types of conversations.

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Have a Plan

Now, how do you make a woman squirt? Getting your partner ready for squirting isn’t like putting on makeup—it takes time and patience. Start by exploring their sexual turn-ons, and ramp up clitoral and vaginal stimulation. This will help lubricate the perennial and urethral sponge and prepare them to receive pleasure.

People who squirt report a warming sensation between their legs that feels like the urge to pee. It may also feel like a floodgate is being opened. This experience can be incredibly pleasurable, but it can also be messy! Consider having them lie down on a towel or waterproof sex blanket. If the fluid leaks, you’ll be ready to wipe it away.

Another consideration is that squirting isn’t always a squirt—it can come out in the form of dribbles, drips, or gushes. The fluid can be transparent or milky, sometimes a mixture of both. The amount that comes out is usually a function of how recently they’ve peed, how hydrated they are, and the type of stimulation they’re experiencing.

It’s also important to remember that squirting isn’t a goal that should be worked toward but rather an extra element of pleasure that can happen at any point during sex. This is why it’s essential to be open with your partner about what turns them on and to let them know that squirting isn’t their only option if they want to explore their pleasure further.

Be Prepared

Whether you and your partner achieve squirting or not, something must be said for anticipation, buildup, and release. Like a roller coaster ride, it is a pleasure to feel the warmup, ride up the hill, and then plunge to the other side. Intimate partners usually support these feelings and do not shame their partners for not squirting.

Women may be afraid to squirt because they fear it will be messy. They may also worry that their spouse will think they are gross or dirty because the squirted fluid is not as clean as urine. These are typical concerns, but they can be overcome by being prepared.

Begin by engaging in a lot of foreplay. Use your mouth or fingers to stimulate their clit and their G-spot, and use toys as well. This will create a good vibe and get your partner into the mood.

When you are ready to squirt, have your partner lie on the bed and cover it with a large towel or sex blanket. This will make cleanup much more accessible and reduce concerns about wet bedding. Be sure to have a cup of water for your partner to drink during this time since it will help reduce discomfort from ejaculation.

Sex and Intimacy


For some people, squirting happens naturally during orgasms and sexual stimulation. For others, squirting may need to be brought on by specific stimulation, and some never experience it. Regardless of whether or not a person experiences squirting, it is essential to remember that sex can still be pleasurable and satisfying for the sexually aroused partner(s).

Squirting is also a part of what’s called female ejaculation, which is when the vulva releases fluid from the urethra in response to sexual stimuli. This fluid is different than vaginal lubrication, and it can often be a little messy, so make sure you have a towel to protect your sheets. (It can also be helpful to empty the bladder beforehand so that when you squirt, it’s squirting, not pee!)

It is essential for couples to feel a sense of emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy. Teams who feel emotionally close to one another and share their feelings can support each other during difficult times in the relationship, which is an essential sign of a healthy marriage. However, it is equally vital for couples to express their feelings and deal with conflict without jeopardizing their sexual intimacy or overall marital satisfaction. Click here to learn more about emotional intimacy and how to deal with conflict.

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