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How Do I Tell If He Loves Me? 10 True Signs He Loves You

Are you at a stage in the relationship where you want to know if things are serious? Do you think about your partner’s intentions and want to determine whether he loves you? If you have doubts and questions in mind, you have come to the right article, as all your answers are written down below.

Signs When A Man Loves You

how to know if he loves you

1- He smiles when you smile

Although there are hundreds of ways to tell whether a guy is in love with you, one of the most common ways to figure it out is by facial expressions. If you are unsure of how much your partner loves you, then try to focus on the way he smiles at you when you smile. A man who loves and cares for you would always want you to be in a safe and healthy environment. Hence he will always try to make you smile or laugh.

2- He wants to please you

When it comes to relationships, one of the key things is to feel comfortable and safe around each other. There are multiple signs he’s in love with you, such as how he looks at you, talks about you in front of his friends, fulfills activities that please you, and constantly compliments your features. Although these traits are commonly performed during the initial stages of a relationship to please you, they can still indicate how to know if he loves you.

3- He actively participates in your life

Another thing to look for when it comes to knowing whether your loved one is serious with you or not is to look for their engagement in your everyday lifestyle. Any man who wants to make you happy will go out of his way and comfort zone so that you feel protected and cared for.

If you are someone who loves visiting an art gallery, museum, exhibitions, etc., or any other form of entertainment that your partner does not enjoy but accompanies you to make you feel safe, that’s a sign he’s in love with you.

4- He respects you

If you are someone who has a partner who shows affection through intimacy, but you want to figure out how to know if a guy loves you, then try looking for the puzzles in your partner’s personality.

Besides love and affection, it is equally important to respect boundaries such as your personal space, timings, thoughts, choices, etc., and if your partner shows these signs, then your question of how to know if he loves you is answered.

Being in a relationship is more than just about intimacy and happiness. There are ups and downs, so it is important to respect one another.

when a man loves you

5- He keeps his promises

Besides respect and eternal love for each other, another most important thing that every healthy relationship needs is a sense of trust despite the hardships and obstacles you two may face.

Try to notice your partner’s reaction to problems and the promises he makes because if he truly loves you for who you are, he will be most likely to remember and fulfill the promises he made, no matter how small or meaningless they are.

This personality trait also shows that he respects you and himself and understands that your time and effort are as valuable as his own.

6- You know his family/ friends

The relationship can be a daunting and tricky thing to manage when you have other responsibilities to look out for. However, keep in mind how well he engages you with his loved ones and relatives.

A true man will automatically know what to do and will go out of his comfort zone to allow you to meet his friends and family. This shows that he is entirely interested in you and wants to take things to the next level in the relationship.

7- He is not controlling

It may be shocking to you, but most of the time, toxic relationships start to build up when your partner tries to control and have complete autonomy over you. This can lead to a damaging and full of torture relationship, resulting in separation.

Hence you must understand his intentions and know the right signs. If a man loves you, he will. Try to notice his changes in behavior when you show him your other side of personality and remember his words and reaction.

8- He tries to motivate you

The majority of the time, when you are in a meaningless relationship with your partner, he will not take joy in noticing your every little detail. Some phrases that your man might frequently utter to let you know of your achievements are “well done”, “you did your best”, ” I am extremely proud of you”, etc.

Everyone has flaws and insecurities embedded deep in their mind; however, if you notice that your partner tries to motivate you instead of letting you down for your failures, he is the one for you, and it’s a strong sign he’s in love.

9- He makes you playlist

By far, one of the most adoring and attractive things that a man can do for you makes you a customized playlist of the songs you love to listen to. This shows that he focuses on making you happy and proud and gives out a major signal that lets you know he is into you and your overall personality.

Most of the time, a music playlist reflects his intentions towards you, and the lyrics of the songs chosen are to let you know of his feelings towards you.

10- He changes himself for the better for you

Last but not least, if you and your partner have gone through multiple fights and arguments, but after the very end of each, he comes forward first and apologizes to you, then this means that he takes responsibility for his actions and wants to let you know that he is willing to change his bad habits for you.

A loving partner will instantly focus on fixing and strengthening a relationship rather than trying to create more problems.


So that is all for this chapter! Hopefully, by now, you have a better sense of the idea of your partner. These are some of the signs if a man really loves you, he will. No relationships are perfect as there are ups and downs, but it is up to you two to focus on building and strengthening it rather than making it worse.

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