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Practical Picnic Date Ideas For Couples: Plan & Picnic Food

Have you been wondering about how to set up a perfect picnic date? A picnic date with your partner needs to be somewhat special from the usual picnics. Whether you are planning to go on a first date or celebrate your togetherness, an impressive spread can mesmerize your date. 

Accordingly, you need to prepare more in order to make sure that everything falls in place and you both can enjoy a wonderful time together. You must think of minute details that could possibly make the environment more romantic yet full of fun. 

This can be as simple as playing favorite music in the background while you both sit and have a wonderful time eating, loitering and bestowing flower petals on your mat. Isn’t it already looking picture perfect?

In this article, we have got you covered with the best ideas to make your picnic date fun and cute. From the best foods and drinks to include in your basket to outfit and location ideas, these unique and cool ideas will surely keep your fascination for each other alive. 

Besides, we hope these ideas will inspire you more to get out and enjoy a fantastic time with your lover. So, let’s start the planning!

5 Best Picnic Food for a Date

Picnic date food ideas
Picnic date wine

A picnic date is not only about going out and spending time. It also includes food that you get for your date. Yes, food! 

Picnic food plays a big role in making a date a grand success. From modifying your appetizers, and snacks to desserts and sparkling drinks, everything needs to be simple yet proper to set up the mood. Since this will be a casual, cute and fun date, it’s ideal to avoid the sack-lunch date. Instead, you can go for more collaborative and snack-like options.

Though it is a mealtime date, try to treat it like a cocktail party and choose a snacking menu. This doesn’t mean you have to get high-end recipes. There’s nothing more romantic to go down the lane and set up the old-world romantic picnic date. 

Here is a list of the best picnic date food that qualifies for adding romantic charm. You can buy most of these food items from the store and add them to your picnic basket. Besides, you can show your cooking skill and present food that you cooked with love and care.

From fruits and nuts to sushi, sandwiches, cheese and crackers, risotto balls, salads and chocolates, you can put them all in your basket to make it look like a celebration.

Fruits and Nuts

Fruits are among the most popular additions to the picnic basket. You can choose any fruit, but if it is a bite-sized one, then it’s merrier. On your picnic date, no one is going to carry kitchen tools, right? So, you can simply pick a fruit of your choice and grab a bite of it. 

Now, coming to the best fruits to add to your picnic spread are apples, strawberries, blueberries and grapes. Strawberries and romance get intertwined with each other.  

Nonetheless, you can also get bigger-sized fruits like honeydew, papaya or watermelon. However, make sure to slice them into bite-sized pieces and carry them in an elegant container. This will make it so convenient during munching time.

For nuts, you can mix and make an assortment of nuts in a container for snacking. Add some seasoning to get extra flavours while snacking on them if you prefer. You can also put roasted seeds like sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds to enhance the taste besides indulging in healthy eating.


How about some salmon sushi on a picnic date? While many wouldn’t even consider sushi in the list of picnic food since it needs proper chilling, especially when there is raw fish, we have a perfect way to add to the picnic menu. If you have an insulated bag or an ice cooler, then it will be most easy for you to carry sushi conveniently and keep it cool till you take it out to relish. 

Besides, you can even watch out for some recipes where you do not have to use raw fish as the ingredient of sushi. Then you can serve it at room temperature.

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Sandwiches are a go-to item in a picnic basket. They are easy to prepare and taste good. Add lettuce, usual or smoked ham, tomato slices and loads of cheese to make it cheeselicious!

You can also add mayonnaise or pesto sauce, onions, capsicum, olives, etc., according to your taste.

Cheese and Crackers

What if we remind you of adding the best combination of cheese and crackers to your picnic menu? Well, thank us later when your partner gets overjoyed seeing this delicious combo in your itinerary. Consider choosing the kind of cheese that you and your lover like.


If you and your partner are fitness freaks or like to keep it simple, a platter of fresh salads consisting of lettuce, olives, chicken, tomatoes, and jalapenos with mayonnaise or olive oil is unbeatable. Salads are undeniably the epitome of food for any picnic.

It is easy to make and satisfying to eat. Moreover, you can prepare it before time and store it in the refrigerator for the time being. But, add the dressing only when you are going to serve the food. Otherwise, it will be all soggy and spoil your eating joy.

5 Trendy Ideas You Should Try for a Picnic Date

Couple picnic date

What is better than snacking your finger-licking food with your partner and getting some Vitamin D? Picnic dates are personal and damn romantic. So, you cannot just go to the park with your picnic basket and a decent blanket. This will give you scope to have fun and strengthen your bond.

Make your picnic date more exciting by putting in some effort to make it a perfect picnic date. Here we have come up with 5 trendy ideas for your picnic date. Take a look at them, and decide what you and your partner will like the most.

Painting Picnic Date

Artistic and playful couples love to indulge in creativity. If you want to go on a fun and exciting picnic date, recreate your paint and take the sip moments. It hardly matters if you two are painters or not, the date is all about having fun.

Nevertheless, plan a painting picnic date and fill your canvas with colours. You can even splash colours on each other; who cares? It is cool, fun and a lot more exciting!

And yes, you can even tease each other of the so-called painting while coming back.

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Beach Picnic Date

Beach picnic dates are romantic, relaxing and memorable. Watch the sunset while sitting on the beach hand in hand with your partner and enjoy real-time.

Furthermore, if you happen to stay close to the beach, it will be pretty easy for you to plan the date efficiently. So, make a plan for the next sunset and enjoy watching it with a glass of wine and good food on the sandy beaches.

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Car Picnic Date

Car picnic dates are ideal if you want to keep it within budget. After all, everything you do is to spend quality time with your partner. You can put a blanket and picnic basket at the back of your car and enjoy a perfect time with the love of your life. 

Here, you do not need to worry about all those unwanted guests like bugs and ants. Simply enjoy your cozy moments and taste your food. You can go even extra miles to park your car in a scenic place and get the best of both worlds.

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Indoor Or At Home Picnic Date

Staying indoor is the millennial going out, and when it comes to picnic date ideas, it’s all the more apt. Snuggle up with your lover while you relish eating anything and everything at the comfort of your home. 

You can lay on a big, comfortable blanket and surround it with greens and mildly scented candles and flowers. Throw in some extra cushions to make it look cozier. To set up a romantic ambience, bring your guitar so that you can have a jam session after lunch or dinner. Otherwise, you can play soft, romantic music or watch Netflix. 

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Night Or Dinner Picnic Date

Plan your picnic date at night and watch stars lying under the blanket embracing each other after dinner and make fond memories together. Set up fairy lights or light a bonfire, mildly scented candles and set up a table full of food. Your night or dinner picnic date couldn’t be better than this.

How To Plan The Perfect Picnic Date

Couple picnic date camera

Picnic date set-up 

It can be a little nerve-wracking, especially when you are doing it for the first time. But, we are here to make your planning easier so that you can impress your lovely date.

Things To Bring And Pack On A Picnic Date

Are you looking for some ideas regarding picnic date packing? Organizing your picnic date can be a little challenging if you are running out of ideas. So, here is our picnic date checklist that you can consider to plan your date and save from things falling apart.

Remember, a picnic date is more about romance and strengthening the bond while spending some fun time with your lover.

  1. Pack a big and comfortable blanket: Picnics are all about lying down and spreading things on the surface. So, get a large blanket that is comfortable to put and accommodate two of you nicely. Plus, it would be great if you could arrange a waterproof one.
  2. Carry a portable speaker: Pack a portable speaker in your picnic bag to set up the mood. Do not miss checking the playlist before you go on a date. Good music can definitely increase the romantic and playful atmosphere. 
  3. Carry Sunscreen and bug spray: When going out on a picnic date, you should carry sunscreen and bug spray. Sitting under the sun and getting vitamin D is amazing, but saving from sunburn and bug bites are equally important.
  4. Food and Drinks: Make a list of all the food and drinks you need and add them to your basket. Chocolate, berries, cheese, marshmallows, sandwiches, risotto balls, fruits, dried oregano, vegetables, salads and dressings are popular choices to ensure the appetizing part goes right. 

Besides, drinks are also essential to avoid staying thirsty in the middle of the picnic spot. Carry some water bottles, juices, champagne or wine to sip in.

  1. Miscellaneous: Pack flatware, cloth napkins, champagne flutes, hand sanitizer, games, hat and insulated cooler if needed.

Outfit Ideas for A Picnic Date

What to wear to picnic

Picnic dates are pretty casual where you can leave your fancy dresses and consider dressing down. Choose a comfortable, flowy dress that you feel confident wearing.

It is better to say bye to your tight, skinny jeans or tight body-hugging dresses, leather shoes and high heels. Wear a light and comfortable dress or shorts and top and match up the outfit with flats or canvas shoes. 

For men, the dress code is pretty basic yet sophisticated. Wear a pair of shorts or comfortable chinos, a t-shirt, or short sleeves button-down shirt with slip-on shoes, and you are ready for your picnic date.

When it comes to a woman’s dress code for a picnic date, the outfit should be both practical and chic. A sundress paired with sandals or flat shoes is a comfortable and stylish option. You can also wear shorts or a skirt with a blouse or a casual top, and complete the look with slip-on shoes or sneakers.

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5 Things To Do On A Picnic Date

dating idea

With just bringing mouth-watering food, your planning for a beautiful picnic date does not end here. You need to plan some activities also.

  • Photoshoot: Click adorable pictures of you and your date from the best angles. All these pictures can go straight to the gram and in your cherishing memory.
  • Paint: A paint picnic is an exciting and creative outdoor activity that combines the pleasure of painting with the enjoyment of a picnic. This unique experience provides an opportunity to explore and express your creativity in a beautiful outdoor setting while enjoying delicious food and good company. A paint picnic can be a fun and memorable way to spend time with friends, family, or a loved one. Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner, a paint picnic offers a relaxed and supportive environment to explore your artistic talents. Check out our latest article to see how to prepare a perfect picnic painting date!
  • Games: When it comes to playing, how can we even forget games? Pack a few different board games like splendor, the fog of love, scrabble, monopoly, etc., to play on the date. You can bring card games like love language, talk flirt dare, etc.
  • Explore: Walk and explore the picnic spot while you get to know each other better.
  • Watch movies: If you plan a picnic indoors, the most go-to option is to watch a movie on Netflix. It can be romantic, comedy or haunted one, the motto is to have a good time.

To wrap it up

There are numerous practical picnic date ideas to choose from, ranging from casual to romantic. The key is to find a location that suits your interests and preferences, and plan your menu accordingly. With these practical ideas, you can effortlessly organize a memorable picnic date that your partner or friends will cherish. Remember to prepare delicious and portable picnic foods that are easy to transport and serve making your picnic experience more enjoyable.

In the event that weather conditions or other factors make an outdoor picnic impractical, indoor picnics can be a fantastic alternative that can be equally enjoyable and entertaining. Check out 8 Tips To Prepare A Fun And Romantic Indoor Picnic if you need to change the plan to indoor.

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