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Best Fun Outdoor Date Ideas For Couples

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Are you tired of hanging around the four walls of your home with the monotonous Netflix and chilling schedule? Staying indoors and cuddling with each other is, of course, a good idea while watching Netflix, for how long?

There are so many outdoor day date and night date choices for you and your lover. If you are looking for the best fun outdoor ideas for couples, you are at the right place. Here, you can find unique ways to explore the best fun outdoor date ideas for couples. Indeed, these fun and cool ideas will give you and your lover a chance to breathe fresh air.

Usually, we associate outdoor dates with fun and excitement, something that hits the chord differently. Maybe it’s because of the pleasant weather, cute dresses or just the very idea of going somewhere with a partner. From exploring markets, spring adventures to going on a hike, there are some or the other ideas for every couple.

So, check out the list and gather some fun ideas and adorn the best date outfit to go on the most fun-filled outdoor date.

Good Outdoor Date Ideas for Different Seasons

Couple outdoor date

So, in order to make your browsing experience better, we have categorized the best fun outdoor date ideas for couples. You will find winter outdoor date ideas for keeping your flame of love alive in the chilly weather, summer outdoor date ideas that are weather-friendly. Plus, the great spring and autumn outdoor date ideas will help you keep up the love and affection moving.

Couple winter date outdoor

Winter Date

During winter, when the weather is all chilly and snowy, the fun of cuddling and laughing is more. So, if you want ideas on how to go on a date in the winter, here are some that will keep you warm throughout the day.

1. Go to a Vineyard for Wine Tasting

For all the wine lovers out there, wandering around the vineyard is no less than a dreamy date. Sip glasses of wine in the chilly weather and spend quality time with your partner.

2. Pack a picnic

Collect your comfy, waterproof blankets and find a good place to chill out on a chilly afternoon. Moreover, if you are going out on a new date, this weather will help you get to know each other better over delectable food and bites. Check out more fun picnic date ideas.

3. Setting up a Bonfire

Aren’t winter months the best time to set up a bonfire date? Cuddle each other under a cozy blanket, and gaze at stars while roasting marshmallows over the bonfire. You can intensify the cozy vibe by sharing ghostly stories or your memories to come more closer to one another’s hearts.

4. Winter Walk

Take a winter walk in the lanes of gleaming snow and engage in the good old snowball fighting as if no one is watching you.

5. Ice skating

Try swirling around the skate park and fill your day with lots of fun and enthusiasm. If you are a beginner, you may perhaps struggle, but there will be plenty of fun. Nonetheless, if you and your partner are pros at ice skating, nothing can be more beautiful than holding hands and skating around the park.

Couple spring date outdoor

Spring Date

After being shut inside the house, here are the best plans you can work out when going on a spring outdoor date.

1. Golf Date

When looking for good outdoor date ideas in springtime, golf-themed outdoor dates are perfect. Get the pleasant spring sunshine while golfing in the middle of the golf course.

2. Long Drive

Springtime comes with a notion of a fresh start, something that is new. So, why not take advantage of this time and plan to go on a long drive? Couples who go on a long drive get to know each other more than others. In short, you and your partner will get to reinvent one another.

3. Book a Table on A Rooftop Restaurant

When we think of a date or a romantic getaway, a date on the rooftop of a cool restaurant comes to mind. Adorning the best dress, imagine sitting on a fancy rooftop cafe or restaurant, sipping a cup of coffee and clicking cute pictures for the gram. Wolla! That’s what we call a good spring outdoor date for the millennial couple.

4. Take a Visit to the Orchard

How about roaming around the orchard with your partner hand-in-hand? In between, sharing some bites of the fresh fruits is oh so romantic. This orchard date is ideal for getting that boost to fill up the bucket of your relationship with love and passion.

5. Explore Local Garage Sales

If you want to go on somewhat of a unique spring outdoor date, clear out your garage first. Then go all the way to shop at the local garage sales and choose things for each other. You will surely enjoy the time while finding some amazing treasures with your partner.

Couple summer date outdoor

Summer Date

During summer, you will enjoy different types of dates, just apply a good amount of sunscreen all over your face and body and get going.

1. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Who would say seeing colorful vegetables is a boring idea? Take your partner out and visit the local Farmer’s Market. Explore the market and click cute and funny pictures holding those mixed and giant vegetables.

2. Water Games

When the weather is hot, nothing can beat going on a date where you can enjoy a splash of water. Get the usual water balloons and throw them over the head to play slam and smash water balloon basketball games.

3. Fishing Date

A fishing date is a perfect outdoor date idea if you want to take a break and relax from the daily hustle and bustle on a lazy day of summer.

4. Barbecue Date

If you are planning to go out at night during summertime, the idea of a barbeque date will sound awesome to the ears. Spend time, laugh your heart out and grab bites of delicious smoky chicken, fish and vegetables.

5. Beach Date

Without a trip to a beautiful beach, does your summer coupling time end on a good note? Take your most comfortable flowy beach dress to spend a wonderful time with your loving partner.

Couple autumn date outdoor

Autumn Date

Starting from the idea of apple picking to peeping from the leaf, there are plenty of romantic yet fun-filled ideas to spend your autumn date. During summertime, you and your partner may have had a blast, but the crisp autumn season is not so saddening. Rather, the beautiful autumn afternoon will make you fall in love.

1. Peep the leaves

Go and find an unexplored place where you will see leaves in different shapes changing their colors. The look of changing leaves color will make the scene oh so beautiful and vibrant, that is beyond words.

2. Watch a Soccer Game

Whether you and your partner are in high school, college, or a professional, soccer game is such that it fascinates everyone. Book your tickets and go on a game watching date in a bar or a stadium. You can even raise the fun level by surprising your partner with your food recipes during the break.

3. Go on a Bike Ride

Autumn is among the most amazing times to go on a bike riding date. Suppose you do not own a bike yourself, no worries. You can always rent one from the local stores where they are available at a reasonable price.

4. Explore Beer Festival

Take your date out on a craft beer festival and sip the seasonal brews together. Here, you will get a chance to taste a variety of seasonal drinks.

5. Shop for Halloween Costume

While the Halloween party is around the corner, it is a good idea to go on a Halloween costume shopping date. Check out thrift stores or fancy stores to get your couple matching Halloween dress or anything you two have in mind.

Romantic Outdoor Ideas

Red picnic date outdoor

First Date Ideas Outdoor

There’s a saying that the first impression ever lasts, which makes the first date extra special. So, your first date should be full of fun and not feel forceful or boring.

1. Go on a Food Festival

Who wouldn’t want to explore the lanes of the food festival? You can walk around with your partner and get to know about their tastes and try out new items. In addition, while sipping brews, engage in a mindful activity of revealing what you love or hate.

2. Visit a Theme Park

Take the fun rides together like the big thrilling roller coaster ride. These rides are great as it gives you a perfect opportunity to come closer to one another and initiate holding hands firmly when it takes a 360-degree turn.

3. Watch a Movie or Concert

During this pleasant time, why would you want to miss an opportunity to go on a movie date or watch a concert together with your date?

Buy two tickets or check out where a free concert will play on your first date day.

4. Do Touristy Things

It hardly matters if you live in the same place which is popular among tourists. Take your date out and do touristy things together. Visit historical buildings that may not seem to be romantic. But you never know what you will get until you attempt.

Treading on the unchartered water often brings something unique yet fascinating.

5. Bowling Date

Bowling dates are a good idea as it is practical even if you do not have the skill to bowl. Make it interesting by indulging in a silly bet like rewarding the one who gets the most gullible balls. With bumper lanes, enthusiasm paired with funny shoes, it sounds like a romance.

Combine a good conversation while playing this fun activity. Indeed, you are bound to get a yes for the second date.

Free Outdoor Date Ideas


Go for a hiking date fast to see the sunrise early in the morning.

Free Concert

Find a concert that will be free. You can check magazines, local newspapers, posters or deal sites that aggregate the event. You never know when you will be lucky.

Explore A New Neighbor Place

Become a tourist on the date and explore the neighboring places with your partner.

Camp in the Backyard

You can pitch a cute tent in the backyard to set a romantic ambience and do everything you do while camping with your date.

Visit Art Galleries

Wander through the masterpieces of the locals in your area. It will not only offer free visual treats, but if you are lucky, you and your date can get free food and drink as well.

Fun Outdoor Date Ideas During Quarantine

Couple picnic outdoor date

In the new normal era, if you want fun outdoor date ideas during quarantine, you can explore these date suggestions.

1. Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Who said social distancing means you cannot eat out, drink wine and pour your heart out to your favorite person? Order a delightful meal from the favorite restaurant and lit dim lights and candles and spend the time looking into each other’s eyes.

2. Play Karaoke

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, surely, they have the talent. But who said you couldn’t sing? Whether you sang songs in your school days or could not hold the tune, karaoke is for everyone. So, sing along loudly, teaming up with your partner and see how crazy your quarantine date goes.  

3. Go and Draw Funny Faces

Show your skill of drawing and reproduce funny sketches on the canvas. Yes, we are talking about drawing funny portraits of each other. This colorful date is not only funny but also good to maintain stable mental health during quarantine.

4. Star Gaze

Choose a place where you get to see the open sky. Grab a cozy blanket and place a wine bottle with glasses to gaze at the little stars. This super special date will help you strengthen your bond.

5. Go on a Walk

Treading outdoors with your partner, whether it’s real or virtual, pleases the mind and soul. The quarantine cannot snatch away the dating scope when you have ample options to meet virtually, if not physically.

6. Set a Fondue Night

Simply set up a fondue quarantine date night and enjoy fondue. This will help you fulfil two things. First, you will be able to spend a gala time with your partner and also give a fulfilling treat to your sweet tooth.

Outdoor Date Outfit Ideas

Couple beach sunset date outfits

The idea of getting ready for a date can be nerve-wracking, thinking about what will turn on your partner. To help you out, we have these five amazing outdoor date outfit ideas that will mesmerize your partner for real.

Men Outfits for Outdoor Dates

For men, here are some quick outfit ideas you can adorn on an outdoor date.

  • White trousers with a floral printed shirt
  • Sweatpants and hoodie jacket
  • Trouser and polo shirt
  • Chinos and round neck sweater
  • Button up shirt and jeans

Women Outfits for Outdoor Dates

Sheer Blouse and Leather Pants

This will look sexy, elegant, yet sweet if you are going out on a date night.

Flowery Dress and Sneakers

Set aside your uncomfortable pair of heels; it’s the era of sneakers. Twirl in a flowy summer dress and pair it up with casual sneakers; you are ready for the day date.

Blazer and Jeans

Want to flaunt a rocking look? Wear your favorite pair of jeans and tee and throw a chic blazer on top.

Little Black Dress and Neon Heels

You can also try out the little black dress but ditch the same old nude heels this time. Pair it up with neon heels to turn on the oh-so-chic look.

Skirt and Crop Top

This will be fun to pair when going on a date during summertime.

Here are some recommendations for the lovely black dresses:

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