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5 Stages Of Dating For A Successful Relationship

Whether you met someone online or through your friends, you may want to get to know them better if you hit it off. You may dream of a healthy and happy relationship with them.

But how would you know if they are right for you?

You can find out if they are your soulmate by spending time with them. So, you may experience five different stages of dating before starting a committed relationship.

5 Common Stages of Dating

Do you know what are the five stages of dating? 1. Attraction 2. Reality 3. Uncertainty 4. Commitment 5. Engagement

Dating usually begins with Attraction. It’s the most exciting phase where you want to learn more about your date. You want to spend more time with them and get anxious yet happy at the notion of enjoying their company. Further, it’s time to explore the new relationship.

Then comes the Reality phase. You tend to be less careful and find it easier to relax. So, you and your date start getting to know the real habits, interests, and lifestyles of each other. So, it’s common to see some flaws which you might have ignored earlier.

The third stage is Uncertainty. This is when you start wondering whether your relationship is worth the effort. You may think if both of you would be happy in the future. If you feel the other person seems less excited, then you may overthink whether they don’t have feelings for you.

Now, you may be ready for Commitment or exclusivity. You’d accept that no one is perfect and fall for them regardless. You want to be exclusive with them and seek emotional and physical intimacy.

Finally, the last stage of dating is Engagement. Once you successfully make your way to this phase, you may want to transition into an exclusive couple. So, it’s time to plan a happy future as a blissful couple.

Early Stages of Dating: Dos and Don’ts

The initial stages of dating bring excitement yet a little stress.

What Not to Do in Early Stages of Dating

Don’t Lose Yourself

Dating means you may be infatuated with them but nothing is final yet. So, spend time with them but don’t give up on your lifestyle. Make sure you don’t ignore your work, friends, and personal life for them. Don’t make too many compromises or you’ll lose yourself in the process.

Don’t Ignore Boundaries

Set boundaries on what you do and how much time you spend together. It’s not a good idea to meet them every day. Also, value the other person and make sure they don’t take you for granted either.

Don’t Force a Relationship

If it’s going to happen, then romance will grow on its own. Don’t force yourself to love them or impose yourself on them. Give it time and if things don’t seem fine, it’s okay to move on.

What You Should Do in Early Stages of Dating

Always be real and honest with your date. Don’t come up with outrageous lies. Rather, you should let your true personality impress them.

Communication is key in the early dating stages. Be considerate of them and treat them nicely. Also, don’t expect them to guess what you’re thinking and instead, directly communicate your expectations.

You have recently begun dating. So, stay in the moment and have fun. Go on lovely and fun dates and make memories. Give it time and you will gradually realize if the relationship is right.

How to Relax in Early Stages of Dating

Dating scams, particularly through online dating apps are quite common. In fact, scammers stole over $304 million in 2020 through these tactics. So, it makes sense why you may worry during the early stages of dating.

You may wonder whether they are a good person and if your relationship would last. But you should learn to relax.

For this purpose, be confident and show your honest feelings and thoughts. Live in the moment and enjoy precious moments instead of worrying about the future. Maintain a positive attitude and stop trying to win them over by hook or crook.

Since you are in the early stages of dating, you don’t need to worry too much. Also, don’t ask them for assurance of their feelings now and then. Otherwise, you may come off as pushy.

What is the 3-Month Rule and Honeymoon Phase?

The starting of dating is often called the Attraction or Honeymoon phase. This is when your romance is budding and you want to spend time with each other. You may have high expectations and keep thinking about them in their absence.

The honeymoon phase tends to last for around three months. After that, you may be able to better manage your heightened feelings. Also, it’s the time you start thinking about an important question. Should we move to the next phase or end the casual relationship?

During the initial three months, you start knowing each other to some extent. So, you can decide whether continuing dating is a good idea.

What is Three-Month Rule Before Dating?

Before dating someone, you may “Talk” to them. This stage usually lasts for 3-months and lets you explore your options. You get to talk to multiple people to determine your compatibility for a potential relationship.

It may take you 2-3 months to get to know them. And once you’re sure, you may want to officially start dating them with mutual consent.

How Long is the Honeymoon Phase of a Relationship?

The honeymoon phase usually lasts for three months. But it can vary for each couple. Depending on your feelings, you may enjoy the phase for much longer or finish it sooner.

The end of this phase doesn’t necessarily mean you’re falling out of love. Rather, it allows you to make decisions about the future of your romantic relationship.


Dating may lead you to a happy relationship where you and your partner take comfort in each other. There’s no hard and fast rule to build a healthy relationship. All it takes is honesty, care, and love for each other!

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